Montag, 15. September 2014

London Fashion Week SS15

Hello people of the internet,

I went to Somerset House this weekend because it's Fashion Week in glorious London and because I have never been to one before I was so excited to go and just see what kind of stuff is happening and what cool street style there is.

But just a little background information why I actually am in London right now. I got accepted to London College of Fashion and I am doing their Study Abroad Autumn Fashion Business Semster. I absolutely love it. Not just the city, because it is my favourite city and I just fell in love with it a few years ago, but because of the interesting new things I am learning and cool people from all over the world I am meeting and can call my friends now.

Okay back to Fashion Week now. I went there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday because this is my time off school. I really loved looking at the beautiful street style. Everybody looked so fantastic I just couldn't believe it. Unfortunally I wasn't able to go to any shows but I talked to new and interesting people while being there. I was a bit ovewhelmed so I didn't take as much pictures. I always got distracted by someone else who was looking amazing.



Oh and yes I saw Alexa Chung!



We were part of a shoot for a short-film and sat in the front row. It was filmed with a many different cameras to make a 360 degree shot which was cool. The film is about a day in a model's life and they filmed the runway part that day. It was nice to be a part of it and I am excited how it is going to turn out.

Jumpsuit-Japonica at Topshop
Jeans&Shirt&Leather Jacket-Zara
Shirt&Denim Vest-Vintage
Head Chain-Brick Lane Market


Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2013

from day to night - from school to going out

 hello ladies ;)
I knew that I wouldn't have much time in the afternoon to change so in the morning I alreday got dressed in the same clothes I wanted to wear to the event I was going to. A good friend of mine was starring in a play at the national theatre close to my city. So I just changed my shoes, hair and put on some bright lipstick.

Oh and I just made myself this amzingly delicious milkshake :) yum!


shoes: 1. leopard t.u.k creepers; 2. heels Zara
denim shorts; grey sparkling top; sheer black shirt: thrift

Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013


It finally got hot here in Germany. I'm so happy that the sun finally came out and I could pop on some nice shorts. Summer's here ladies!

shorts: flea market ; top: thirft store ; necklace: flea market ; shoes: TUK creepers

Montag, 27. Mai 2013


I know I'm a bit late with posting this outfit. I love this skirt it's been my favorite one since december when I bought it in London <3
What a crappy rainy day, again...

vintage green velvet A-line skirt: rokit London; ankle boots: H&M; jumper: H&M; denim vest: thrift;
rosegold necklace: claire's

Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2013


shorts: H&M, skull hand top: H&M, velvet oversized shirt: thrifted (I need to admit I feel a little bit like batman in it, wohoo black cape), necklace: claire's, shoes: TUK creepers, biker style denim jacket: vintage

Sonntag, 12. Mai 2013

I might have a problem!

heyhihello people of the internet,

it's been way too long since if used this blog. but now I will try to post content more regularly ( fingers crossed ;) )
Lately I've become a bit bored with my wardrobe and wearing the same outfits over and over again. I like to change things up a little once in a while and mix and match the pieces I have in my closet. Alright I need to admit that my closet is pretty much stuffed with a lot of clothes but in my opinion my wardrobe can never be conplete.
So my excuse to buy some new stuff is too through some things out which I haven't worn in ages. This also makes more space in my closet for the new things ;) I also have some things in there which don't suit my style right now anymore and should be exchanged.
Ready,set,go! I am going to sell my old clothes, books and some other things which just take up a lot of my space in my room and sell those. Another excuse to buy more stuff: MONEY! :)
I am so bad at things like spending bans, so this is my last resort if I still would like to save up some money for my London holiday in July.
Wish me luck!

Some things I am dying to have in my possession:$T2eC16NHJHIFFhiWrU5JBRh3,D07yg~~60_12.JPG
Lately I've been really into the way crop tops look but unfortunaly I own way too less of them.

shoes: ebay; black slice top: cheap monday; leaf crop top: romwe; tiger t-shirt: ebay

and the rest of my money I am going to spend at my local thrift store <3 I love thrifting.

Mittwoch, 2. November 2011

newest obsession


Jeffrey Campbells shoes are such an huge thing right now. You can see them on so many blogs and in so many magazines. Everybody is talking about them. I just love those shoes. Especially the LITAs they are so freaking goregous ♥ I want them all
Those pairs above are just a few ones who immediately catched my eye. 
I adore JC. 

What do you think ?